About Me

My name is Banks Benitez.

I’m an entrepreneur building teams and companies that (hopefully) expand our understanding of what’s possible. I use this platform to explore ideas and solidify my learnings. I'd love to connect. Learn more and reach out here.

I am focused strategically in four areas:

Climate + Biodiversity

Not only do we need to decarbonize our economy, but we also need to reimagine our relationship to nature, shifting away from dominion over nature to interdependence with nature. My curiosity ranges from the technical and economic dimensions of climate change to the spiritual underpinnings about our relationship to nature. I’m curious about how we can model the ordering and intelligence of the natural world to heal systems and organizations.

Future of Work

We are in the midst of one of the greatest transformations of how and where and when we work. From 4-day workweeks to remote work dynamics to the shifting balance of power between employer to employee to integrating diversity, equity, and inclusion principles into workplace culture, the workplace is being reimagined. Uncharted was an early adopter of the 4-day workweek, and I’ve been consulting with other companies on how to make the switch to a 4-day workweek.

Future of Tech

We are still in the early days of the internet. I’m experimenting with generative AI, web3 applications, and understanding how our society will change when we spend more of our time in digital spaces and economies. Technology is rewiring our brains, addicting us to its platforms, and generating the greatest wealth in human history.

Conscious Leadership

As the CEO of Uncharted and having worked with dozens of purpose-driven entrepreneurs over the years, I’ve learned that underneath strategy, there is psychology, that healthy people build healthy companies, and that when I am trusted by the people around me, I am a more capable version of myself. Before we can lead a company, we need to learn how to lead ourselves, and this starts with conscious, brave, self-aware leadership. I’m curious about the ways that leaders practice conscious leadership in their organizations.